We always think of the year as having 3 seasons here in the Pyrenees; winter, spring and summer. Autumn is only separated from summer because we notice the trees and foliage change colour, and what a display that is; reds, oranges, yellows and bronze.

Spring, as with everywhere brings rain, but generally for only about 4 weeks, and not continuous.

Summer seems to last for about 7 months here, the weather is very temperate.

Winter can get cold, there is snow but not too much below 500m (1500 feet), mainly the days are crispy and deep blue clear skies, excellent for skiing.
Autumn is beautiful as the trees change colour, giving the valleys a wonderful array of colours as the sun sweeps around the mountains.
Winter is absolutely fabulous – by and large the skies are a magnificent blue and the mountains are snow-capped – bringing the great sport of skiing.

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Weather in the Pyrenees